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LED outdoor lighting system


subtle + sophisticated, yet informal string lighting system stemming from deep in the heart of texas 

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constellation lighting can be configured for permanent installation in-ground, mounted to structures or for temporary staking, all featuring a custom-welded steel rod + grapple



$95/ea. installed

permanently affix the lighting hoists into the ground in 50 to 80 pounds of prepared concrete (standard surface height about 7.5 – 8.5′, customizeable)


$85/ea. installed

enable LED lighting on an existing fence post, wall or other structure with an affixed, customizeable option the grappling arm — wide variety of lengths, bend angles + nailer plates will work



for those with deep soil, ecotopes can attach a step heel that will allow the rod to be inserted into the ground, but only for a temporary basis — can be converted to in-ground by setting the item in concrete

structural materials

standard model is fabricated with 5/8″ industrial steel round rod — grapple is a 2-inch segment of 1 1/4″ schedule 40 steel pipe — (custom rod + grapple options available) — welded by hand in austin, texas — rusty patina will develop over time — learn more about this material at our metals page here

LED lighting package

any string or rope of lights will work with constellation hoists, but LED lighting is suggested because the bulbs are long-lasting, highly energy efficient + very low cost — the simplest packages start at around $100

native approved
construction option to permanently affix this fixture in the landscape, conforming to ecotopes’ adjacency design protocol

bundle with LifeCycle service starting at $72/month — learn more