Customer Support

Ecotopes has been founded on an earnest commitment to provide solid advice to our followers + clients.  We’re standing ready to help you render your values within the landscape, understand ecological best practices, fit your design requirements to your budget, and support your completed projects as your ongoing advocate. Our clients are encouraged to request meetings, with a 24-hour advance notice, for purposes of discussing an ongoing project. 

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

Landscape designs, drawings, renderings, methods, and concepts are provided to the client with the express use rights for their specific project, and remain the intellectual property of LANDSCAPE + GARDEN, Inc., doing business as Ecotopes (The Company), and are therefore protected by federal copyright laws, and are not transferable in any way to other parties without express written consent.

Project Intent

All project drawings, whether site plans, perspective drawings, or models, are provided to convey the overall Project Intent. Actual results of construction may vary due to circumstances, budgetary factors, and availability of materials. Some variation or substitution from drawings should be expected in built works. In drawings, clear spaces without shading or coloring, should be understood as an uninvolved area not receiving services or materials under this agreement. The project budget is based upon a pre-determined amount of material + labor, not for an unanticipated quantity necessary to achieve a perceived outcome, since achieving certain outcomes in pursuit of satisfaction may require additional funding.


Ecotopes is licensed to install + reconfigure irrigation systems under Texas Commission on Environmental Quality license LI0016772. Irrigation systems are covered under a one-year warranty (parts and labor). The company is licensed to sell nursery products under Texas Department of Agriculture Certificate 0578613.

Transportation Surcharges

Project work performed beyond highway 183 north and east, Loop 360 west, 71/290 south, or other locations with significant transportation difficulties for The Company shall be subject to a transportation surcharge.

Protection of Existing Structures and Property

The Company shall take proper precautions when working on-site to protect any and all associated infrastructure. Any damages to associated structures will be reported immediately + when there is accidental incident, that damage shall be corrected +/or paid for by the Company at no cost to the Customer, with the exception of irrigation systems + other unmarked, invisible underground services, like electrical wiring or invisible fences.

Plant Considerations

The Company will properly cultivate healthy plant stocks for the Project, however no guarantee is made on any plant’s life span. Upon completion of the Project, the Customer is responsible for proper care + survival of plants. Additional warranty coverage may be purchased under a separate agreement. Plants are drawn at an approximation of their mature size, not their size at the time of cultivation. Unintended vegetation or weeds that arise after project completion or which overcome built countermeasures are biological expressions of a pre-existing conditon, for which Ecotopes is not responsible. Contact us for suggested remedies.

Extra Work

Materials + labor beyond the Project Proposal and Budget shall be Extra Work. Extra Work will be planned, estimated + proposed to the Customer for authorization before performing the work, either as a separate written Change Order or as a written modification to this Agreement. Clean Up At completion of the project, the Company shall remove construction tools + provide moderately swept and water-hosed condition to the project area, but the Customer is responsible for creating the desired final condition of the project area.