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mosquitoes across texas - mosquito density

mosquito density across texas

Ecotopes has developed safe, effective + cost-efficient mosquito solution that works super well for almost any outdoor space around Austin.

A targeted, yet devastatingly effective approach to mosquito infestation that won’t hurt plants, kids, pets, songbirds was the most important process design factor.  Beyond that, we wanted to reduce or eliminate impacts on other beneficial insects in the garden like butterflies, moths, ladybugs + the like.


The Skeeter Rodeo

Like a cowboy rounding up steers into a corral, Ecotopes use an array of 100% organic concoctions to shew skeeters out of their comfortable hiding places + toward the trap.  So, head ’em up + move ’em out! 

Sweet Ambrosia

Ecotopes has developed an array of super-secret formulas to lure pesky mosquitoes into the vicinity of the trap.  We want them to be drawn right up the main event — an event horizon — like the point of no return of a cosmic black hole.

A One-Way Ticket

Ecotopes uses a mechanical trap that sucks mosquitoes into a permanent time-out. Nice thing about this is you never have to pay for repairs, replacements or cleaning the bug basket out (trust me, yuck!). The unit just requires access to an outdoor electrical plug to operate 24 hours a day.

The Results Are In

With ecotopes staying on top of trap maintenance, we can adjust location or formula in order to improve our mosquito haul.  The basket retains all the captured ankle-nippers since the last clean out, so the effect is obvious.

LifeCycle Add-on

Mosquito Therapy can be conveniently bundled with your LifeCycle landscape service plan + qualify you for a tidy discount.

Similar to LifeCycle, these mosquito services take place four seasonal focal priorities that follow the mosquito pattern for the area: Spring Active, Summer Passive, Fall Active, and the Winter Clean-Up.


Plans start at around $40 per month. The main reasons for needing Mosquito Therapy is ...

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