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design process


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SCHEDULE YOUR PROJECT REVIEW — The initial project site review is conducted in solo by an ecotopes designer to ensure pandemic safety — we’ll just drop by at a scheduled time to walk around the project area, taking a few photos + jotting down some notes

PROJECT REVIEW FOLLOW-UP — shortly after the site visit, ecotopes will schedule a zoom or phone meeting to go over the design findings + discuss next steps

IS THERE AN INITIAL FEE?  There’s no charge for these first steps —  after all, we’re just getting to know one another.

NEED TO RESCHEDULE? No problem. Just send a text or call us at (512) 587-2401 to let us know. If you’ve got an alternative visiting time in mind, we appreciate the heads up.

HOW LONG’S THE REVIEW VISIT? We generally schedule an hour for the initial site review, but that depends on how much landscape you have to show us.  We don’t want to rush this, so let us know what you think is a good fit.

WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED?  Having the property’s survey drawing is handy, so see if you can locate that. If you have any sketches you’ve done, a Pinterest collection you admire or other evidence of your leanings, this is a good opportunity to share.

HOW DO WE MOVE FORWARD? If the project looks like a good fit for everyone, we’ll help you with the site survey, let you know the timeframe of the design process + collect the design retainer.