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with ecotopes’ fabrication language + material palette, decking can transform outdoor spaces + provide distinctive access


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\ garapa hardwood decking

\ ecotopes

\ hardwood deck

// coordinated seating

/ surfaces interwoven
-[ spacemaking ]-
-[ steel base ]-

<step access boardwalk>

<small spaces transformed>

– [ beautiful access to tough terrain ] –

– [ let’s jam! ] –


The walking surface of our decking structures are usually composed of exotic hardwoods, like garapa or ipe.  Ecotopes has prepared instructions for caring for these surface materials here.


Decks are suitable for a wide variety of activities, such as dining + entertaining, or just relaxing to take in the views.  Boardwalks can be suggested for connecting spaces across rough terrain.  Decks + boardwalks are also a mechanism for defining hierarchy in outdoor surfaces.  For example, the deck/boardwalk could be used to define the priority surface + gravel surfaced components might be secondary.


Projects that feature decking component(s):