Terraces usually manifest as strong linear elements that reinforce the visual impact of a landscape design, as well as perform a typically important role in structural performance.  Terraces tend make the landscape more useful by tempering the slope and creating flatter zones for plants + people.


Generally, an ecotopes terrace is constructed onsite as a custom-welded steel element.  A terrace is often anchored with square rod or rebar that’s driven into the ground, then welded to the structure.

The degree of anchoring depends on the amount of slope, the height of the terrace face + the anticipated waterflows.


A terrace is a sturdy landscape edge that is anchored + reinforced to deal with a change in level of the ground plane or associated with mediating sloping ground.  The material that is held up by a terrace, the backfill contents, can become a vegetated area or a functional surface, including a patio or garden steps.



Projects that features terrace(s):