texas gayfeather


tall native perennial with showy spikes of lavender flowers that provide nectar and pollen essential for the survival of pollinators like the gulf fritillary butterfly


all plantssunny perennials + shrubs

\\ texas gayfeather (LIPUM2)

\\ texas gayfeather (LIPUM2)

plant details

texas gayfeather


latin name: Liatris punctata

usda code: LIPUM2

alternative name(s): Texas Blazing Star, Texas Liatris, Cusp Liatris, Cusp Blazing star, Cusp Gayfeather, Narrow-leaf Liatris, Narrow-leaf Blazing Star, Narrow-leaf Gayfeather


ecotopes class: sunny perennials + shrubs

ecological condition(s): sunny edge

size range: small – less than 3 ft

habit: herbaceous

leaf retention: deciduous

light requirement: full sun – part-sun

color signature: small purple flowers arranged on a central spike

native range