fragrant mimosa


When you first see the fragrant mimosa bloom emerging from its fern-like foliage, you may find its delicate yet alien appearance surprising. The sun illuminates a prehistoric looking pom-pom like flower with graceful pink threads capped with a pinpoint of yellow radiating from the center of the bloom like an exploding planet. Then you will notice its intoxicating perfume, sweet and intense like a blend of acacia, violet, honeysuckle, and rose.  This stunning  and fragrant springtime bloom provides nectar for beneficial native insects.


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\\ fragrant mimosa (MIBO2)

\\ fragrant mimosa (MIBO2)

\\ fragrant mimosa (MIBO2)

plant details

fragrant mimosa


latin name: Mimosa borealis

usda code: MIBO2

alternative name(s): Pink Mimosa


ecotopes class: sunny perennials + shrubs

ecological condition(s): sunny edgedesert bajada

size range: medium – 3-8 ft

habit: shrub

leaf retention: deciduous

light requirement: full sun – part-sun

color signature: pink ball shaped flowers

native range