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basin planters + fire pits


whether as a planting vessel or fire pit — COMAL is an industrial artifact reimagined as a garden icon

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the comal basin can be configured as a planter or fire pit, even as a hibachito cooking stand — customizable height + leg configurations available

getting your comal

step 1 – Begin your order by paying the design deposit now

step 2 – an ecotopes designer will contact you within 24-hours to personally configure your item with you

step 3 – pricing, delivery timing + method will be arranged with your designer — at-home delivery to Austin is always no charge + no packaging mess

finally – the design deposit will be fully refunded if your order is cancelled for any reason


planter basins

$695 – 1,295

a shallow planting vessel suitable to your unique collection of trailing + structural vegetation, as well as rock specimens + discovered artifacts

fire basins

$695 – 1,295

delight in the warm light of this most sublime patio fire fixture — set typically 6-8″ above the ground — available in diameters 2′, 3′ + 4′

hibachito base

filled with your favorite gravel + adjusted to a comfortable height, any of the COMAL basin planters can serve as an exceptional platform for your HIBACHITO or other small outdoor grill — find out more about hibachito

structural materials

fabricated with industrial steel — welded by hand in austin, texas — rusty patina will develop over time — learn more about this material at our metals page here

native approved

COMAL planter basins + fire bowls are perfectly suited to gravel surfaces — learn more

construction option to permanently affix this fixture in the landscape, conforming to ecotopes’ adjacency design protocol

bundle with LifeCycle service starting at $36/month — learn more