graveltops (counters + tables)


an examination of pragmatic materials, like regional gravel, in a steel frame converged as a functional serving / cooking surface with the beauty of a zen garden



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the pecos lounge collection can take the form of free-standing or in-ground outdoor cooking/serving countertops, but also a variety of configurations from café + chabudai dining tables, all featuring a custom-welded steel frame, with hardwood finishing options




an incredible new concept in outdoor amenity — modern design aesthetic + super handy — supply your own favorite gravel filler

specialty tables


intensely unique vessels that can serve as a café table, chabudai setting or just a personal tray garden — flexible dimensions + height available for this product

structural materials

fabricated with industrial steel — welded by hand in austin, texas — rusty patina will develop over time — learn more about this material at our metals page here — touch surfaces are exotic hardwood (options below) — gravel fill is generally provided for in-ground installations, but may be supplied by purchasers of stand-alone units

hardwood options

optional hardwood inserts rated for long-term outdoor use — proofed with australian timber oil — choose between our standard garapa (G) or ipe (I) — other wood options may be requested — learn more about this material at our exotic hardwoods page

native approved

furnishings that are perfectly suited to gravel surfaces — learn more

construction option to permanently affix this fixture in the landscape, conforming to ecotopes’ adjacency design protocol

bundle with LifeCycle service starting at $45/month — learn more