vertical screen / trellis system


providing geometric order to the landscape which may be useful in defining visual boundaries + elevating select vines



VERT panels can be highly customized by height, width + material options for permanent installation in-ground or mounted, all featuring a custom-welded steel framing


vertical screen


A vertical screen is basically a standing panel that provides the landscape with visual enclosure for spatial definition or privacy — most often, panels serve as a framework for vining plants

VERT can be used to provide security to an area or reinforce boundaries

horizontal screen


alternatively, VERT screens can be horizontally configured to create desired benefits similar to fencing

structural materials

stuctural frame is fabricated with cold-rolled industrial steel, welded by hand in austin, texas — rusty patina will develop over time — learn more about this material at our metals page here


welded wire

expanded steel

corrugated steel


wooden planks

shou sugi ban




native approved
construction option to permanently affix this fixture in the landscape, conforming to ecotopes’ adjacency design protocol

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