flexible landscape planters


VOID planters offer a widely programmable planting system, refined by graphically offset panels


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VOID planters are available with a huge variety of sizes + can accommodate a variety of angles, built entirely out of custom-welded steel


landscape planters
$295 – 1,595

VOID planters are incredibly programmable — that means they can be shorter, taller, wide, narrow, square-cornered or angled to fit all sorts of planter spaces in the landscape — the inset panel(s) can be oriented to enhance visual interest in the garden setting

structural materials

fabricated with industrial steel — welded by hand in austin, texas — rusty patina will develop over time — learn more about this material at our metals page here 

native approved

RIFT planters are perfectly suited to gravel surfaces — learn more

construction option to permanently affix this fixture in the landscape, conforming to ecotopes’ adjacency design protocol

bundle with LifeCycle service starting at $50/month for landscape configurations + $5/month for patio planters — learn more