At ecotopes we open up the doors to where cooking + dining are fundamental to your mode of outside living, just the way we planned it together.


shelter: let’s design a great space for cooking (terrace, deck or patio) + consider a spot that’s out of the elements (shade structure).

countertops: you’ll want a surface to prep + present your meals.

cooking paraphernalia: designs for storing charcoal + cooking implements, but also for space-saving concepts for housing the cookery.


Consider both of our designer collections (bouldin creek + pecos lounge) for furnishing your outdoor dining space.  Both provide a setting that’s carved out of the Austin experience.  Custom designs are also a distinct possibility through your ecotopes landscape designer.


It’s true!  Your own garden greens do make meals taste better.  We suggest keeping your kitchen gardens close to your door, so you’re constantly tempted to tend your crop. We can fabricate custom garden planters or help you pick out the right planter collection for your urban farm.

Proximity is important to composting, too.  Effectively convert many food scraps + yard wastes into rich soil with a XOYL (pronounced “soil”) composter.


Ecotopes has developed a variety of structural components in support of culinary pursuits.  There’s three main categories of components + living systems to support culinary activities: the spaces where cooking takes place, dining amenities + food product gardening.


Projects that feature culinary component(s):