system planter

(highly configurable, large/med-scale, landscape setting)


basin planter

(3 sizes, medium-scale, patio or landscape setting)


wood trimmed

(3 sizes, med/small-scale, tabletop or patio setting)


waterflow aware

(2 sizes, small-scale, tabletop or patio setting)


tabletop zen

(6 sizes, small-scale, tabletop or patio setting)

Planter Shop

Nature has a dizzying array of settings + conditions where plants thrive.  Some are easy + bountiful, whereas some are verging on impossible.  Just imagine the creative force of plants to carve into a spatial niche to make a survivable habitat.

With total respect of this evolutionary capacity, Ecotopes has been busy designing a constellation of planters to drive plant container options into human-controlled environments — settings where plants seem to be struggling hardest to hang on.