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In LifeCycle, a therapy is a service effort that takes place over the course of months.  Farm therapy takes place along these steps:

compost: early in the annual season, soil can often use a booster in the form of organic compost

menu selections: pick your favorite combination of vegetables and/or herbs + we’ll filter them in over the course of the growing season

fertilizer: organic foliar feeding works well along the way to increase performance of the garden

irrigation: productive gardens require regular watering during the growing season, so we’ll help check the irrigation infrastructure during these times

weeding: all this love + attention is sure to attract weedy visitors that we can keep an eye out for

cover crop: cereal rye grain protects the garden soil + looks nice in the fallow seasons


popular veggies: tomatos, squash (zucchini, yellow, etc.), peppers (bell, ancho, jalapeño, etc.), string beans, snap peas, lettuce, carrots, onions + broccoli

handy herbs: cilantro, basil, lemongrass, oregano, dill, thyme, mint, rosemary + sage to name a few



Having an urban farm component in your landscape increases your access to healthy activities + just being outside.  

Sustainably producing part of your diet also helps connect you to the wider ecosystem while unlocking your garden’s potential.  Ecotopes can help make this easier + more fun by providing some of the good gardening supports without the hassle.