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texified-turf concoction [8-2-4]: just say ‘no’ to petrochemical lawn drugs + say ‘yes’ to our organic lawn supplement that makes your grass Texas tough in 10-lbs bulk granular preparations

prairie-spice dry-rub [FeK]: this iron-based formula comes with a backland prairie surprise– a smidgeon of native short-grass seed to diversify sunny edges of your lawn, which comes in 6-lbs bulk granular packets


turf contour trim: styling is our passion, as you will appreciate from our unique techniques developed to enhance our famous, non-traditional grassy landforms

edge turf/surface: all lawn grass likes to test its confines + venture out with runners, but we keep it in-check with our square-edge shovel service

interface turf/soil: over the course of a year, matter + debris can build up atop the soil that surrounds grass sprouts, so we schedule our annual dethatching rake service

turf/soil compaction: to help keep the soil beneath our lawn surfaces healthy, we provide a light hand aeration service to spots that need this each year

off-season cover crop: to help areas of lawn grass recover during the fall/winter months, ecotopes provides a over-seeding service with perennial rye for lovely wintergreens


Like it or not, the lawn is the quintessential American landscape element + ecotopes has learned to love turf– in moderation, of course.  Unlike other constructed surfaces, exotic lawn grass can be used to activate an area for a sporty use, provide a passive low-growing surface, increase visibility across an outdoor field, or splash the landscape with a sculptural green landform.

When we use native prairie grasses for our lawns, all the ecological hang-ups disappear + the vegetation become a solid-state contributor to biodiversity.  This is the idea of a prairie pocket, shortgrass patch resembles the little open grass fragments common in the savanna of the Edwards Plateau.