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irrigation check: Depending on your irrigation rig, ecotopes will conduct either annual, biannual or seasonal irrigation check-ups with a licensed irrigator.  Any repairs that the check turns up may come at additional cost + will be quoted separately.

fire ant remedy: We start by prying open the mound, then pour about 8 ounces of orange oil down the hatch.  To be followed up with a 0.5-lb bulk application of all-natural diatomaceous earth per instance.  Fire ants hate touching the microscopic sharp edges in this substance, trapping them inside the nest to starve along with the queen.

replenish gravel: Some time after a project, the gravel levels may need to be supplemented.  This can be scheduled in the course of planned landscape services.


Ecotopes has developed an all-natural, non-toxic, non-petrochemical mosquito protocol that works well for outdoor spaces in the Austin area.  For us, a most important factor was to develop an approach that won’t hurt plants, kids, pets, songbirds or our other multi-legged friends in the garden (butterflies, moths, ladybugs, etc.).

monthly treatments: In LifeCycle, a therapy is a service effort that takes place over the course of months. Mosquito Therapy takes place April through November.

super-secret process: All we can tell you is that the program is based upon this sequence of steps: shew, attract, trap, clean-out, adjust.


plant tagging: set identification tags for 15-25 plant specimens.

wildflower center: membership renewals

final “as-built” drawing: tabloid-sized design

landscape support: 24- to 72-hours priority response


We’ve identified a whole host of landscape support items that go way beyond the stereotype.  Ecotopes is transforming the way Austin functions outdoors.  That’s because we want to get you engaged with activities in the spaces outside your house.  We’re going to the next level in making that experience more comfortable + healthy than you ever dreamed.